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24 June 2018
Going through my archive! @ritaora for @dazed I don’t even remember how long ago 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Going through my archive! @ritaora for @dazed I don’t even remember how long ago 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

17 June 2018



Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Gregory Dean Managers Hayley and Keeley have been mastering the art of backstage styling for the past few years.

Having cut their teeth at London Fashion Week they recently stepped up their game and worked alongside super stylist Mari Ohashi at the mother of all Fashion Weeks,

Paris Fashion Week.


Here they offer some insight as to what it is like to work on this prestigious event



Congratulations on your Paris Fashion Week Debut! How does it feel to work on what must be one of the most highly regarded fashion weeks in the world?

Hayley – It’s so exciting, I feel very proud to have been requested on the strength of my performance in London.

Keeley – Amazing!  It’s a big step up in the session styling world.


You have been working on fashion shows in London for a few years now.  Is there a difference between the London Shows and the Paris shows?

Keeley – I felt like the pressure was on to start with, I knew that I needed to perform to the best of my ability but as soon as I got backstage and set up it felt like London.

Hayley – I noticed that everything seemed more organised and the atmosphere more tense, it seemed that the need for perfection was more apparent there than in London.


The event its self is famous, not to mention the models, backstage celebrities, press, industry leading photographers, make up artists, stylists etc.  With all that going on how do you keep your nerves in check?

Hayley – You have to focus on the job in hand, not get distracted by all the exciting things going on around you! You are not there to celeb spot or check out next seasons hottest trends. I’ve found this easier over time, but at the start I wanted to look at EVERYTHING!

Keeley – I have confidence in my work and if I am unsure on something I will just ask the head hair stylist but the key is to watch the demo and listen carefully! I am there to work so I try not to take notice of what’s going on around me just concentrate on the hair. If I do feel the nerves I will use that energy and put it into what I am doing but they never get the better of me!


Does working on the shows influence your everyday work in the salon?

Keeley – There are definitely things you can take away from fashion week, ultimately the shows are primarily to showcase the clothes and compliment the designs so often we do create wearable looks that translate into the salon really well.

Hayley – It definitely does, we are always learning and I find I can teach little tricks to my clients on how to style their own hair at home after I’ve done a season. It freshens my vision on things and keeps my eye modern.


Both Keeley and Hayley noted the diversity in hair types at the shows

Keeley “Often in the salon we see similar hair types so it is great to work with other textures”

Hayley – This is really valuable because we start to use different products to achieve the looks rather than getting stuck in a rut of using the same things all of the time. We explore every corner of our product range.


Some of the hair looks that we see in the press are amazing!  How do you achieve these looks and more to the point, how do they stay put?! 

Hayley – If there’s one thing I have learned at fashion week its is ‘product product product’ it is near impossible to achieve the looks without it.  Always prepping the hair first, no style will last the catwalk (or your night out) without it.

Keeley – A large factor is obviously technical ability of the stylist but it really is all about foundation and finishing.  We couldn’t do our jobs without the correct tools but more important that that, products! One of my favorites has to be the Label M volume mousse for hold.


What is next for GD super stylists?

Watch this space!


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