Gregory Dean


UPDATED: August 31st 2020

As planned, from Sept 1st 2020,  things will start to feel a little more familiar at Gregory Dean again.

💛 We will resume regular opening hours.

🖤 We will remain appropriately distanced but will no longer be working in “pods”

💛 No more PPE surcharge

🖤 No more Pre payments (some exceptions for certain bookings)

🖤 Hot drinks and water will be available for all (although still in disposable cups)

💛 Digital magazines have been a hit so we will be keeping those.

🖤 You will still need to wear a mask. Please bring your own or you can purchase one from us.

💛 The waiting area is still not in use so pleas do not arrive too early

🖤 Staff will continue to wear a visor and a mask

💛 Online booking available

🖤💛 Your safety remains our priority 🖤💛

Available only on portrait